BIP-27: Bean Sprout Q4 2022 Budget

Proposed: September 29, 2022

Status: Passed

Link: Snapshot


Bean Sprout



Quorum is a majority of the Stalk supply voting For, or about 28,952,861 Stalk voting For based on the time of proposal.

Key Q4 Deliverables

Q3 Output

Q4 2022 Current Staffing

Current Bean Sprout Core Staff

Anticipated Q4 2022 Bean Sprout Hires


We propose a total of 100,000 Beans are minted to fund Bean Sprout through the end of Q4 2022. Bean Sprout currently custodies 73,333 Bean from the Q3 2022 budget.

Expected Use of Funds

Note: Bean Sprout grants are designed to facilitate incentive alignment among incubated companies, vendors, and other partners. Bean Sprout thoroughly vets the intended use of funds of any grant, and operates with a mandate to drive net Bean demand to the Beanstalk ecosystem.

Previous examples of Bean Sprout grants include 40,000 Beans to both Halborn and Root, for smart contract security services and legal services, respectively. Both entities have retained their Bean exposure.


In Q3, the funds for Bean Sprout will continue to be custodied by a multisig wallet with keys held by various community members and Publius. We propose the following signers for the Bean Sprout Multisig (BSM).

BSM Signers

One Publius wallet will be removed. We also propose that mod323 and sweetredbeans serve as backups for the BSM wallet in case a key holder is compromised or unable to perform their duties.

Snapshot Processes

We will utilize the process for Bean Sprout Proposals (BSPs), as per BFP-81, with the following amendment:

Competitive Pay

Bean Sprout recognizes that its ability to pay contributors competitive wages is essential to Beanstalk’s long-term success. This budget proposal ensures that it can meet or exceed market rates.


Immediately upon commitment.